Board of Directors

  • The Board of Directors meets at 7pm the first Monday of every month at the Placid Bay Community Center.  These meetings are open to the community.  Meetings agendas follow a standard template:

Typical Agenda

7 PM Call to order

7:05 PM Approval of Minutes –Previous Meeting

7:10 PM Treasurer’s Report

7:15 PM Membership Committee Report

7:25 PM Community Center Committee Report

7:35 PM Roads/Infrastructure Committee Report

7:45 PM President’s Report

8:00 PM Open items are scheduled for discussion here

8:15  PM  Floor is open to new businses here

8:30 PM Public Comment

All official documents (ex. minutes and treasurer’s report), decisions, and expenses falling outside previous approvals (budget and individually approved additions) require official vote by the Board of Directors.  Votes follow Robert’s Rules of Order and start with a motion that states what is being proposed for decision.  Once a motion is seconded it is then open for discussion.  An official vote will follow discussion.  Votes can not be made without more than half of the BOD present.  For a vote to pass a majority is required.

Open Business

These are items that were initiated during a previous meeting and continued update/follow-up at the BOD meetings is needed:

  • Insurance (John Johnson)
  • Golf Carts (Frank Clark)
  • PBCA mission and organization (Christina Gruszecki)
  • Keep off Signs

New Business

These are items that have been requested to be added to the agenda for discussion at the next BOD meeting:

  • Electronic Voting by the BOD

Interested in having something added to the agenda?  Submit it below

Meet the Board

May 2017 – May 2018

Name Board of Directors Role* Committee Role(s) Contact Information Term Ends
Walter Dudovicz President president@placid-bay-estates.com
Charlette Queen Vice President Membership Committee Chairs  2019
Nancy Dudovicz Secretary  2019
Sue Clark Treasurer  Community Center Committee Member  2020
Jack Bamba  —-

Timothy May


Community Center Committee



Butch Foutz


Road and Infrastructure Committee


Steve Walters


Community Center Committee

James Harrison





* Board of Director Roles are for a one year term