In 1975 when ownership of the roads, lakes and other properties were signed over to the Placid Bay Civic Association (PBCA), membership dues were the sole means of maintaining the common property. How to pay for road repairs and maintenance has been a long-standing issue for the community. Both mother nature and mankind have contributed to the conditions of the roads.

When the Placid Bay Sanitary District (PBSD) was implemented in 2012, a user fee was established. Your county real estate tax statement indicates the dollar amount fee for each lot. Currently the PBSD fees are $144 for road improvements, and a separate tax based on the present value of your property for the Lake Placid Dam rebuilding loan. (

The Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors sits as the PBSD’s governing body and oversees the funding, operation, management, improvements and maintenance of Mattox Dam and our private roads (Gravel).

Paved roads are owned and maintained by VDOT. For help with Paved Roads Maintenance visit Report Road Hazards to VDOT online or call (800) 367-7623.

Property owners are responsible for maintenance of their driveways, including the culvert piping. Installing culvert pipes and keeping them maintained and keeping ditches flowing is critical to maintaining roads.

Placid Bay Estates is a golf cart community. The speed limit posted throughout Placid Bay Estates is 25 MPH.

Informational Materials :  PlacidBayRoadsPamphlet (Feb 2014 version)


Have a problem with your road and you would like to bring it to the PBCA’s attention? email us @ (subject: ROADS)