Bayview Drive

This page provides a summary of the PBE Road User Fee funds used to perform Local Repairs on Bay View Drive and to participate in the Revenue Sharing program transitioning this road to VDOT.

Local Repairs

? truck loads (? tons) of C26 Crusher Run delivered ?

Crusher Run = $1,645.00

Tree Removal = $1,500.00

Total Local Repairs = $3,145.00

$ spent /mile Local Repairs = $24,192.31

$224.64/lot Local Repairs;  $285.91/house Local Repairs


Revenue Sharing

PB Sanitary District Portion of the Transition Costs = $15,947.00

Easement Work = $42, 090.10

Utilities = $645.60

Total Revenue Sharing = $58,682.70

$4,191.62/lot Revenue Sharing;  $5,334.79/house Revenue Sharing